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Gmail has been one of the most popular free email service providers in the world. With millions of users around the world using for sending/receiving emails, has become an integral part of everyone’s day-to-day tasks.

If you are wondering how to register the account or ways for Login, stick with this post till the end.

I have been receiving many requests asking me to write a detailed post on How to create a account or how to go to the login page to log in to the account and check the emails.

Today’s post will be a complete resource for all those who are willing to create an email address on and those who already have an email account with Gmail and looking to sign in to it directly.

In my previous email, I shared methods to create a account.

Following this article till the end, you will find all the details about Creating a account and Login or sign in.

Why Gmail?

If you have been accessing the internet for a while, you must have heard about Google. In fact, the name Google has become so popular that even a kindergarten student knows about it.

Gmail is Google’s product!

Since Gmail is Google’s product which is known to be the world’s most advanced tech company, we can be assured that the email service that Gmail offers will be the best among all. I will discuss all the features of later in this article.

Gmail is a FREE and highly secured email service backed up by the world’s most powerful company in the world – Google!

There are billions of Gmail users as of today and daily millions of users are creating Gmail accounts.

Google has thousands of products that cater to the different needs of the customers but in this article, we will only discuss and related services such as Gdrive, Hangout, etc.

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Gmail is one of the fastest free e-mail service providers with an easy user interface. Just after creating an account with, you can start to send/receive emails from the very next second. has a mobile app as well which you can download & configure on your Android & iOS easily.

Create Account Sign In

If you already have an e-mail account with and want to log in to it, you can simply click on the below button.

  • Alternatively, you can go to your favorite browser and type “” in the address bar.
  • It will take you to a login page
  • Enter your Email or phone number (phone number will work only if you have added it at the time of creating an account), and hit “Next
  • On the next page, enter the password & hit “Next

It will check for the correct password and take you to your Gmail inbox if all the entered credentials are correct. Congrats you’ve logged into your Gmail account.

How to Create Account

In this section, I’ll explain how to create a account in a few simple steps.

You need to follow all the steps given in this section to complete the process.

The process is very simple and wouldn’t take more than 10 mins max. Here are the steps.

Step:1– Go to Google Chrome or your favorite browser.

Step:2– Type “” and it will open a login page. Click “Create Account“. Login page

Step:3–  A simple form will appear. Fill in all the details. Under the username, you need to enter a unique alphanumeric world that is unique to you only.

If the entered username is already taken, it will notify you. You will then have to choose other usernames.

click next

Step:4- On the next page, it will ask you to enter the Phone number which is optional.

I would advise entering the phone number so that in case, if you forget your password, you can recover it with the phone number.

You also have to fill in other details such as DOB, Gender, etc. Once, done, click NEXT.

Enter DOB

Step:5– On the next page, you will have to read all the terms and conditions and hit “I AGREE

Accept T & C
I agree

Step:6- Once, you enter I AGREE, it will take some time and you will be able to see the inbox just like the below image. account

Congratulations! you are done with creating an account with

You can start sending an e-mail to your friends and colleagues and use associates’ services such as Google+ social media profile. Features

Gmail is FREE

One of the best things about Gmail is that, it is completely FREE! You can create a account and start sending and receiving e-mails completely FREE.

If you purchase your customized email from hosting companies, you probably have to pay a hefty amount of money per year. It doesn’t take more than 10 mins to create a account.

It is the fastest e-mail service provider

Many people complain that the signup page or the login page of the e-mail service provider is not opening. It is because their server is slow.

Imagine you have to send an urgent email but you aren’t able to log in to your account for any reason. It may cause you to lose directly or indirectly.

But, if we talk about Gmail, it is managed by the world’s most advanced technology company, Google.

Hence, their server is fast!. You can quickly log in to your account and check the e-mails.

It is the most secured service provider

Security is the most important thing one should look for when creating an e-mail account.

There are lots of bad people on the internet who tricks and manage to steal your e-mail password and access all the sensitive information you have received via email.

We use our e-mail to receive Passwords, Bank ATM Pin, Social Media Account passwords, and a lot of other things. Google takes this matter seriously and made highly secure.

Not just that, the company keeps on updating the system regularly so that the e-mail of the users remain safe from bad people.

The security system of Gmail is so good that, if you access your e-mail from another computer than the regular one, it detects unusual activity and sends you a notification via e-mail telling you your e-mail was accessed from another computer. Isn’t it Good?

Not just that, if your IP is changed somehow, it again sends you a notification asking you to confirm it was you!

In some cases, if Gmail notices some unusual activities on your account (even if it is you), it may ask you to verify your account again.

Hence, I can say is one of the most secure e-mail service providers.

Easy User Interface

For beginners and even for the experts, if the user interface is easy, it is convenient for the people.

Google put a lot of effort into improving the user experience and hence keeps on simplifying things.

For example, Gmail recently updated the inbox with an all-new design. It loads faster than before and is pretty easy to use.

Send / Receive large files in attachment

If you have an e-mail from another company, they wouldn’t allow you to send more than 5 MB files in an attachment. This is not the case with Gmail.

I’ve sent about 10 MB files with Gmail pretty nicely. If you have to send an even bigger file, you can use Gdrive!

25 GB of cloud storage, so that you can send large files to your friends and colleagues- GDrive!

GDrive is a savior when you have to send a bigger file to your friend living in other parts of the world. comes as a handy tool to address this issue.

You can upload files up to 25GB in total size and share them with your friends. It is also called cloud storage.

Google Hangout – A chat client you can use to get in touch with your friends

Once you are done creating an account with, you can sign in to Google Hangout as well.

Google hangout is a chat platform that lets you chat with your friends via hangout chat client. It is pretty much faster than other options available out there.

You can even make voice or video calls with excellent quality without having to spend even a single penny.

Mobile app to configure Gmail on your Mobile Phone

Gmail understands that nowadays, e-mail is accessed more on mobile devices than desktops or Laptops and hence developed a pretty nice Gmail mobile app. It has several advantages!

You can configure a Gmail app and start receiving e-mails right on your smartphone.

If you have synced your e-mail, it will send you a real-time notification whenever you receive an e-mail.

Access associates products such as Google Adsense, Adword, BlogSpot, etc.

There are several services you can take advantage of once you sign up for a account. I am not going to explain all of them as not all of them are useful for the readers.

You also can apply for a Google Adsense account in case you ever start a blog. You will have access to other products as well such as Adword, Blogger, etc.

Gmail is Mandatory for Android Phones

If you are an iPhone user and want to switch to Android phones, you must have a account. Without a account, your android phone will not be configured. Android phones run Android operating systems developed by Google in order to get most Android smartphones.

It will automatically configure the Gmail app on your Android phone for the Gmail account (Gmail-email address) so that you can send and receive emails from your Android smartphone itself.

Do’s & Don’ts

Your e-mail address is very important, do not take it casually. If you have given the same e-mail at Bank and other important places, you may suffer in case anyone gets to know your password.

Below are the dos and don’ts.

  • Never disclose your password to anyone!
  • Do not share your password via third-party unreliable apps.
  • You may receive an e-mail that you have won a jackpot, they are SPAM. Do not open such e-mails. If you open such an e-mail, it might send some info to the hackers.
  • Keep changing your password at a regular interval of time.
  • Use a mix of Capital, Small letters, symbols, and numbers while creating a password.
  • Do not forget to sign out of your e-mail account once you are done checking emails.