Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, Price, Specs, Rumors

This is quite interesting to know that Samsung flagship Galaxy S9 releasing sometime in March 2018 is one of the most anticipating smartphone that will be packed with several great features and ultimate internal hardware. In this post, we will cover all the rumors such as the release date, price, concept design, specification, features about this stunning smartphone of the year 2018.

With the release of Galaxy S8 that comes with amazing hardware, design and specification the South Korean proved why it has to be the #1 smartphone in the world. The latest report says Samsung will sell more than 50 million units of Galaxy S8 in 2017 alone.

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However, since there is several great smartphone lined up for the release this year too, it remains to be seen how much Galaxy S8 impresses the customers.

Galaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S9 specification and features

One thing that attracts most of the customers is smartphone’s specification and features it has. Samsung has been one of the most innovative smartphone maker in the since and managed to stay ahead of rivals including the giant Apple ! Every new gadget comes with the jaw-dropping specification and feature that actually helps you do the max out of your smartphone.

Talking about the specification and the expected features of Galaxy S9, Samsung is going to surprise you with faster CPU, RAM, GPU, Internal storage capacity, design, camera and ofcourse the battery. Let’s take a look at the them separately.

Operating System

Operating system  of a smartphone plays a critical role. How important an operating system can be, we can understand it by the fact that Nokia which was world’s #1 mobile phone maker at some point now has disappeared from the market.

The major problem with Nokia was the operating system-Symbian that they continued to use when the rivals such as Samsung moved to Android.

Samsung in most of the cases is first to use latest version of android whenever Google release it. The Galaxy S9 is going to run on Android 8.0 which is yet to be announced.

The latest version of android is generally released during Q4 of the year,  so we can anticipate Android 8.0 releasing before end of this year. Hence, it makes sense for the company use the latest version for Galaxy S9.


Samsung is one of the most active manufacturer that experiment with the design of its smartphone, Galaxy “S” series to be precise. We have seen for Galaxy S7 edge and S8 Edge, the design part one of the major attraction.

People liked their designs and there is rumors that iPhone 8 too going to have similar design. The Galaxy S9 will have almost same design, curved from the edges to give it a premium look and have 5.5-inch QHD display.

The 4k display that Galaxy S9 rumored to have will the picture and videos in your phone go alive. The use of Gorilla Glass 4 will save the costlier Galaxy S9 from damages.

Camera – 

Another important feature that the customer pay more attention to is the camera of a smartphone. With Samsung phones, you need not to be worried about the camera because you are going to get the best one in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 going to feature 21 megapixel dual-lens primary camera that will make photographs super clear even at 4x zoom and 12 megapixel front facing camera for taking selfie and shooting HD videos. Needless to say the camera with come with Optical Image Stablisation, Flash, Face detection, Autofocus features as well.

CPU – 

The performance of a smartphone is measured mainly by the CPU. According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 going to sport 3.4 Ghz octo-core processor supported by Snapdragon 830 chipset. The Galaxy S9 edge could have further improved CPU.

Memory – 

To support the CPU, Galaxy S9 might get 8 GB RAM that along with CPU will make Galaxy S9 fastest phone in the market. As far as the internal storage is concern, the phone is rumored to have 128 GB of internal storage and it can be further expanded with the help of microSD card.

While the rival Apple moved away from microSD card slot, the South Korea techie still want to stick to this option. For me, I’m again removing microSD card slot as it gives the flexibility to the customer to expand memory size.

Improved Battery – 

The wireless charging option in Galaxy S7 has resolve this problem to much extent however the company seems to believe in saying “There is always a scope for improvement”

If the speculations are to believed, Galaxy S9 going to have 4,800 mAh power battery, probably the biggest among comparable smartphones available in the market. It will be a non-removable battery and possibly be last longer than Galaxy S8.


The Galaxy S9 seems to have mini projector that will help you display content on the larger screen from your phone. It could be a great feature for the business person who need to showcase stuff from the Phone on a large screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date-

The Samsung Galaxy S9 (S9 edge) release date seems to be pretty much straight forward if we analyse previously released models. Following the trend, we can anticipate Galaxy S9 release date should be in April 2018 however it may be delayed a bit because of the feature Samsung working on to incorporate with this upcoming smartphone.

The first Galaxy S model was released in June 2010 followed by Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III releasing in May subsequent years respectively.

The Galaxy S4 was announced in April and the trend continued till Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. The S7 & S7 Edge launched in March and the S8 & S8 Edge as well.

The trend seems to be continued and we can expect Galaxy S9 & S9 Edge being announced in March 2018 as well.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

The pricing is that Samsung sets for its smartphone is quite interesting. Its neither too high nor low for features the new smartphone gets.

According to rumors, its being said the price of Galaxy S9 may vary between $850 -$900 in the united states. The price may vary in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries in Asia based on regulations of a particular country.