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iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, Specs and other rumors

One of the most anticipating smartphone of Apple is few months away and the rumors about the same have started to float massively all over the world. According to the sources, iPhone 11 release date is set to September 9, 2017 just like the release of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X last year.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 along with iPhone X were released on September 12, 2017 with lots of interesting features and its successor this year, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11Plus will be super advanced with massively upgraded specs and features. There will be substantial improvement with the battery life, RAM, CPU, Camera and other thing such as improved SIRI etc.

While we are talking about iPhone 11 release date to be in September but according to previous trend, this year don’t seem to be the year of iPhone 9, we might see iPhone 9 and 9 Plus making debut in 2018 and iPhone 11 releasing next year.

But there is a special reason why the company would release iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 plus models and probably iPhone Xs. The reason is Apple announced iPhone X last year and this year should be the year of its iPhone X’s successor (also called iPhone 10) i.e. iPhone 11! The release of full number iPhone 11 skipping “S” version of iPhone 8 (and iPhone X) is how the company is planning to celebrate the year 2018.

iPhone 8

Three models- iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus & iPhone Xs

Earlier the rumors floating were talking about the release of either iPhone 9 but the latest rumor also suggest that we probably be seeing iPhone 11 instead along with iPhone 11 Plus and iPhone Xs. The analysts who have turned up true at many occasions find that there will be iPhone 11.

The 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch display models are said to be iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus however bigger one is assumed to be called iPhone Xs. If that is the case, we will see the company has started following the same trend it set last year. Apple will probably start releasing three different models of iPhone at a time!.

Some rumors say the premium version which may be called iPhone Xs will cost more than $1000. The report published few months back indicates the iPhone 9 (and iPhone 9 Plus) will have OLED screen and several good feature that will make new iPhone cross $1200.

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iPhone 11 release date

The Apple iPhone 6 was released back in September 2014 and iPhone 6S next year in September 2015. The trend continued and the year 2016 was for the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 (next model) was again released in September 2016 along with sibling iPhone 7 Plus. Last year in 2017, the company announced iPhone 8 and we are expecting iPhone 11 release date to be in September, 2018.

Prior to that most of the iPhone model either “full number” or the upgraded “S” versions are released during the September month and its being predicted that we will see iPhone 11 being released in September year again this year.

Moreover according to news published at various tech blogs believe that iPhone 11 will be launched in early September and will go on sale mid-September 2018.

However some tech blogs analysts don’t agree and think iPhone 11 release date shall be in the last week of September 2018. The company will be releasing iPhone SE too.

iPhone 11 Specification

Since this year will be the special occasion for the company, the all new iPhone 11 will have jaw dropping specification that would make it most sought smartphone of this year. The rumors indicates that iPhone 11 will have octo-core 3.5 Ghz processor coupled with A12 chipset.

CPU/ RAM/Storage – According to some tech blogs, TSMC is the sole manufacturer of Apple chip for the company that possible fuel iPhone 11 releasing this year. Along with 3.0 Ghz CPU backed up by A 12 chipset and 4 GB RAM, iPhone 11 will be the fastest smartphone in the market. The iPhone 11 is suppose to be coming in two different variants of 128 and 256 GB storage capacity.

Camera– Talking about the camera, iPhone 11 will have “revolutionary” front facing camera that will have 3D sensing feature. It will be helpful for taking better selfies with your iPhone’s front facing camera. As far as the megapixel count is concern, iPhone 11 may sport 16 megapixel primary camera and 16 megapixel front facing camera that will have 3D sensing ability.

Design/ Display – Display will be the major attraction of iPhone 11. The speculations are pointing towards the whole new design of iPhone 11. It is being discussed that Apple iPhone 11 will have glass body that was stopped after iPhone 4. The iPhone 11 will have front and rear glass panel.

Ofcourse it will not be an ordinary glass that might get damaged in case the phone slips off your hands. It will be a gorilla glass – modified to not easily break even if falls from certain height.

The edge-to-edge display is the most discussed feature of iPhone 11 as we saw in iPhone X which makes it similar to its predecessors iPhone X. Moreover the iPhone 11 will sport OLED display keeping away from LCD as seen with older versions of iPhone

There will three different models and all of them might have OLED screen,$1000 price mark for the first time.

Battery – Massively upgraded battery is yet another great improvement with new iPhone. Sources point out that new iPhone 11 will have 3,700 mAh battery, greatly improved from its predecessors. As usual it will be a Li-ion battery which can not be removed from the Phone.

iPhone 11 features

Long distance Wire-Less charging – Many people were eagerly waiting for this feature and finally they seems to be having this it with new iPhone 11.

Earlier it was predicted that only the Premium model i.e. iPhone Xs will have long distance wireless charging feature but the latest rumors point out that not just iPhone 8, the other two models, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus too can be charged wirelessly over a long distance. This feature will let you charge your iPhone from more than 15 foot.

Face detection and iris recognition – According to other speculations, the iPhone 11 will also have Face detection and iri-scanning feature that will help you unlock iPhone without remembering password.

Improved 3D touch– Although the current iPhone user use this technology to unlock their iPhone but with iPhone 11, it will be further improved to offer much better experience to the users. With this technology you can unlocked your iPhone with finger prints.

IP68 water resistant – iPhone 11 will be water resistant to IP68 rating. You can save your phone from water for upto 30 minute if submerged in 1.5 meter water water level. The current models iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are water proof phone to IP67 standards

iPhone 11 Price

Here comes the most important part, As we discussed above the iPhone 11 will have several new features such as edge-to-edge display, long distance wireless charging, improved 3D touch, advanced CPU, upgraded camera and improved battery, all this will add upto make iPhone 11 the most expensive iPhone ever.

The rumors tell new iPhone 11 will cost most then $1200. The cost of iPhone 8 may vary between $1200 to $1300.

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