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iPhone 8 Dual SIM Card Rumor getting stronger

Are you among those people who want iPhone 8 dual card rumors turn out to be true? If yes, there is a good news for you (me as well). According to the rumors published at several renowned blogs, the world most advance technology company Apple might include dual sim card slot feature in upcoming iPhone 8.

If the rumors come out to be true, you will no longer be needing two different phones for two different numbers.

iPhone 8 Dual SIM Card Rumor

This is the most awaited feature of iPhone and we have been expecting to have it in iPhone since a very long time. Today, every company whether its a new entrant or as old as Samsung, HTC, all of them make double SIM smartphones since a very long time.

Apple is the only company which doesn’t want to make double sim iPhone which I think is not a smart decision. There is a huge demand or I’d rather say, it has become a default feature of all the smartphone except Apple’s iPhone !

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With iPhone 8 double SIM card feature, you will be able to use two different mobile numbers at the same time with your iPhone just like Android smartphones. You will have reason to ditch your Android phone and get iPhone 8!

If we compare Android and iOS based smartphones, Apple’s iOS based iPhone will out compete the Android smartphone in terms of features and technology.

The Apple iPhone dual card rumor started in December 2016 (or before) when Forbes found that Apple has been awarded patent of Dial SIM card technology in the United States.

Since then, we seen many new rumors about iPhone 8 dual sim feature and it looks like these rumors may turn out to be true this year. Its a most needed feature that customers are eagerly waiting for.

Earlier the company filed dual sim card technology patent with China’s State intellectual Property office explaining how the iPhone 8 will accommodate double SIM cards in its design.

Though the news doesn’t give any clue whether dual sim card feature will be incorporated in upcoming iPhone 8 or any other model.

Though many tech blogs seemed skeptical about dual sim card feature of iPhone 8 and some of them even believe that Apple will never make dual sim iPhone.

Other iPhone 8 Features

Apart from dual sim card features of iPhone 8, there are several other interesting features that might be included in iPhone 8. The highly anticipated and much rumored features of iPhone 8 is the use of OLED edge-to-edge display.

The implementation of OLED display and glass body will lead to overall iPhone 8 design haul. The iPhone 8 will be slightly reduced in width so that it can be operated with one hand.

The other interesting thing is iPhone 8’s Fast Charging and Wireless Charging feature. With these features, you will be able to charge your iPhone 8 quicker than ever before and that too without long-chord charger.

iPhone 8 will be Water and Dust proof and have 3GB of RAM, A11 chip for faster processing accompanied by improved GPU and comes in three different variants, 32 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB.

It will sport dual-lens vertical camera (unlike predecessor) with features like optical image stabilization, flash, face detection, autofocus and improved optical zoom. The self shooter’s megapixel count might further be improved to take clear selfies.

iPhone 8 Price

The price of iPhone 8 is something that analysts still not able to rightly anticipate. Its been said over and again the price of iPhone 8 will cross $1000 mark because of the features it is going to get. The use of OLED display is one of the reason why analysts believe the cost of iPhone 8 might go over $1000 mark.

As per the latest news report at CNBC, Blogger Gruber predicts the price of iPhone 8 64 GB model can go upto $1299 and $1399 for 256 GB model. Though many other analysts believe the cost will remain well under $1000.

These are all rumors that we have been coming across since a very long and more will keep coming till the iPhone 8 gets announced. We will get to know iPhone 8 completely only when it gets released  in September. The iPhone 8 release date is said to be sometime in September 2017 !

iPhone 8 Dual SIM Card Rumor getting stronger
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