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Write for Us – We always look for talented people to share their stories through our blog provided they are on the technology.

Techyvoice is a famous tech blog that helps people find information about the latest gadgets, troubleshoot various tech problems, fix errors, and how-to guides to do tech stuff.

If you think you have something interesting to share that could fit our blog and help readers, you can reach out to us.

Also, if you are looking for a Guest post, you are encouraged to contact us.

Guest Post Guidelines:

If you want to publish a guide post on Techy Voice, make sure you follow strictly follow the guidelines.

If your content is not complying our terms, it will be rejected. So make sure you go through the guidelines before contacting us for a guest post.

We accept:

  • The content should be 1000-1100+ words.
  • We accept only Tech related articles.
  • Make sure the content is written by a human talented writer. AI content is not accepted. We have great experience in identifying AI content (we check it manually, AI detectors are not accurate), so please do not submit such content.
  • Include 2 original images with the article, it could be a screenshot or image created by you. Stock photos are okay too but we encourage original images.
  • We can include 2 links in the post, one is to your website and the other one is to any authority website. In addition to this, we will also add 1 or 2 links internal links to make the article look natural.
  • We accept non-commercial / non-promotional articles. For commercial articles, contact us separately.

We don’t accept:

  • We do not accept content of less than at least 1000 words.
  • We do not accept plagiarism content. Our team checks each of the articles thoroughly for their originality, manually.
  • We do not accept Casino, Pharmacy, Adult, Betting, Illegal hacking, or anything else questionable websites.
  • We do not accept an article that is created to spoil the image of any person or identify (keep your personal fights to yourself).

If you have gone through the guidelines and think your content satisfies all of them, write to us at [softechexpress] at gmail [dot] com.

We recommend contacting us before submitting the article. We sometimes pause accepting guest posts.