UTSA Blackboard Login and How to Use myUTSA

UTSA is the famous University of Texas at San Antonio. It is a multicultural discovery institution with four campuses across the San Antonio metropolitan city which makes it the largest university in the area.

Founded back in 1969 by the Texas Legislature, this university offers access to educational excellence and opportunities to over 34,000 students and serves as a center of intellectual and creative resources.

It aims to work for the advancement of knowledge through teaching and learning, research and discovery, public service, and community engagement and thus, prepares citizen leaders of the future global environment.

Today, we are going to talk about their popular learning and interacting platform- UTSA Blackboard.

The Blackboard Learn is the university’s Learning Management System where you can post your core material online, evaluate outcomes, engage students in digital learning, and promote collaborations. It is both a teacher and student learning platform.

Thus, the students and professors have a chance to stay in contact even during the online learning process.

However, the entire login process along with moving your course online can be a little confusing.

But you need not worry as we are here to provide you with a simple guide with full instructions on how to log in to this incredible learning web portal.

So, let us start without any further a due.

What is UTSA Blackboard?

UTSA Blackboard Learn is an app with an interactive platform that can be accessed on a tab, phone, or laptop.

It can be used as a study tool for students, as a resource for teachers where they can upload class material and assignments, as a teaching and learning platform.

This Learning Management System equips educators and understudies with a coordinated area equipped with all the web tools required for their course.

They get tools for organizing and designing their virtual classroom for maximum productivity.

A platform, like Blackboard, is extremely useful when teachers regularly share the course material, web quizzes, and other assignments, and interact with the students.

One can log in on the UTSA Blackboard web portal through the login credentials of the account and access everything.

The platform is designed for both educators and students. However, only the University’s staff can upload grades through the Grade Center and assess the assignments.

myUTSA Login

UTSA Blackboard Online Portal And myUTSA ID & Password

The online web portal of UTSA Blackboard is for students and teachers where they can access assignments, view homework, and also apply to other UTSA websites using the student account.

Thus, any student with MY UTSA ID and Password can check their UTSA class schedule, the manual, and other study material for each subject, and even contact the UTSA admin via email or access the faculty resources.

Whereas teachers can make announcements, view the list of all the students enrolled for the course, add syllabus for the students to refer to, create tests and other additional content, do online discussions and even create their own course calendar.

UTSA Blackboard Learning Guide

Online teaching and learning can be a difficult process for not only students but teachers too. UTSA, the third-largest university in the UT system, has made things easier for everybody.

The Blackboard Learn is flexible, open, and centered on student achievement, thus allowing the teachers to use any theory or model for online teaching.

Blackboard compiles the basics of course building for all the instructors and to ease the anxiety of students over online courses, they can do the following things:

  • Include their contact information and tell the students where they can find the course information.
  • Add an introduction video to help familiarize students with their teachers and increase a little enthusiasm.
  • Upload the syllabus of the course so that students know beforehand what they will be taught.
  • Use discussions or Blackboard Collaborate feature for orientation of the students and answer their doubts regularly.
  • Provide materials and other online sources which can be downloaded or printed for future purposes.
  • Add minimal material at a time and more later to get the students involved and not pressurized.

The Process in Brief

Here is the guide to the main steps to log in to the Blackboard Learning app:

  • Look for your myUTSA ID or apply for one.
  • Go to the official myUTSA learning portal and locate UTSA Blackboard login and learning.
  • Log in with your credentials and then enjoy all the amazing features of UTSA Blackboard.

Even though the process looks simple, you should always read all the instructions that we mention below!

How to Get UTSA ID?

myUTSA ID is a 6-digit primary student ID that is given to each and every student studying at UTSA.

As you have seen, in order to log into the online courses and access everything (including the Air Rowdy wireless network, ASAP, Blackboard Learn, on-campus computers, and more), you require this ID.

However, there is a complete process to be followed to get this ID.

If you are approved for admission at UTSA or if you have filed an application, you will receive an email from the university stating the steps to get a UTSA ID and activate it:

  • Go to the link- “set up your myUTSA Account now.”
  • Type in all the details asked about you and click enter.
  • You will be assigned your myUTSA ID.
  • Enter the contact information and create a password for your myUTSA account. Do not forget to write this down somewhere safe and accessible.
  • Follow the instructions given on your screen and activate your UTSA account for future access.

Do not worry if you have not received such an email. All you have to do in this case is to contact the concerned person (in the One-Stop Enrollment Center), confirm your identity with them, and ask to resend the activation email.

What is ASAP & What’s its Importance?

ASAP is a UTSA portal intended for the students to access most of their academic information including grade records.

If you are a student who has just applied at the university but hasn’t been approved, ASAP lets you:

  • Check the admission/ application status
  • See the Rowdy ready status
  • Review and accept financial aid awards
  • Reserve the orientation class
  • And even register for testing (assessments and placements)

If you are a current student at UTSA, ASAP lets you:

  • Enroll in your course classes
  • View your academic grades
  • Check if any holds are there on your account
  • Pay the UTSA bill
  • Or apply for graduation

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Instructions to the Teachers for Login at MyUTSA Blackboard

The educators at UTSA using Blackboard Learn are advised to do the following things for their online course:

  • Finalize the course view: you can choose between Original Course View and Ultra Course View. The Original course view is a little bit sophisticated with the Course Menu on the left and the Control Panel on the right whereas in the Ultra course view you have a Course Content page where you can create any content you want.
  • Course Calendar: creating a calendar provides students with all the dates and events related to the course.
  • Add the syllabus: it acts as the core planning tool for every student because it provides details of the course structure and prepares them in advance.
  • Connect and communicate with the students: you can check if all the admitted students have joined your course on Blackboard Learn or not. You must make announcements, post messages, and do online discussions to make the class interactive. 
  • Create assignments and tests: giving students assignments, setting their due date, grading, providing feedback, and tracking their progress will help you get to know the student better and then guide them accordingly.
  • Add additional content: teachers must try to provide students with additional content like videos, audio, and quizzes that help engage the students more in online studies.

How to Login at UTSA Blackboard?

Do you want to access all the amazing features of Blackboard Learn like group discussion, online library resources, and Blackboard Collaborate? Well, you must log in on the web portal or app first.

So, if you have your complete UTSA login ID and the password (or passphrase), you can begin with the following guides to successfully login at UTSA Blackboard online:

  1. How to Login at UTSA Blackboard for Students?

Student access on UTSA Blackboard is simple and direct if they have their ID and Password:

  • Go to your internet browser and search for my.utsa.edu.
  • Under the Student Resources click on Blackboard Learn.
  • The new page displayed on your screen will ask for your UTSA ID and Password.
  • You must enter the correct details and click on the Login button.
  • After a successful login, you will be able to view your Blackboard Dashboard and courses.

You can also directly search for sso-cas.it.utsa.edu on your browser.

If you do not have an ID, read our section where we explain how to apply myUTSA ID. And if you lost the password, read the article further.

  • How to Login to UTSA Blackboard for faculty?

Faculty will also be provided their unique UTSA Blackboard Learn IDs. They can use it along with the password to successfully login into the portal:

Either search for sso-cas.it.utsa.edu directly or search for my.utsa.edu and then go to Blackboard Learn (under the student resources section).

Enter your ID and Password and hit Login to open your account as a teacher on UTSA Blackboard Learn.

After the correct credentials are added, you will be able to view and edit your courses and classes easily.

How to access UTSA Blackboard from Mobile?

Accessing this University everywhere you go has been made easy!

So, wherever you are and whatever time it is, you can set reminders for your classes, view the schedule, check assignments, email the faculty or check your account balances from the new and improved UTSA Mobile app. But how to access all this?

Follow the guide below-

  • Go to the Apple Store or the Play Store depending on your mobile device.
  • Search for the official UTSA Mobile app.
  • Once found, install and launch the app while connected to a strong internet network.
  • The app will ask for myUTSA ID and Password. Enter these details carefully and click on Login. Do not worry if you feel like you are directed to a web page.
  •  Once done, you will be directed to the Activity page of your Blackboard Learn where you will see all the new updates on your courses.

UTSA Mobile app offers you more- UTSA Athletics to check the latest news, schedules, and scores of teams, UTSA Today, Directory to contact any of the registered faculty members, access Library or Bookstore, and even check an empty lot for parking in real-time.

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How to Reset UTSA Blackboard Account Password?

Don’t know the password? Wrote it down somewhere and lost it? No worries! Read the instructions below:

  • Open your browser and go to the official website of UTSA Blackboard Learn: sso-dl.it.utsa.edu.
  • Under the UTSA ID and Password, you will see a link- “forgot/reset passphrase.” Click on this link and you will be redirected to another page with four options- Take a Passphrase tour, Duo setup authentication, enter your contact info and reset your passphrase.
  • Choose the last option as you have to reset your password and click on begin reset button.
  • Enter the details asked: your myUTSA ID, non-UTSA email address, and your contact number, and click on the submit option.
  • If you have entered your mobile number, open your phone and check for a reset code as a text message.
  • Enter this code on the web portal and click submit. Enter the code as soon as possible because the code expires within a few minutes.
  • The portal will ask you to enter the new password. You can make a strong password (of at least 15 characters) with a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers, and make sure you write it down somewhere safe and secure.
  • Re-enter the new password in the next field and then click on Save the passphrase.
  • If the process was executed properly, you will get a text message confirming the reset of the UTSA password.

Remember: if you entered an email address instead of the mobile number, the reset code and other instructions will be sent to you via email. Follow the same procedure, as in the case of a mobile number, after receiving the reset code. The confirmation that your password was reset successfully will be sent to you via email too.

And if you do not receive any passcode (through email or phone):

  1. Go to the contact information page and double check email and phone number that you entered and ensure that it is correct.
  2. Otherwise, you can contact the UTSA Support Office like the Tech Café or Student Computing Lab and confirm your identity with your picture ID.

UTSA Blackboard Advantages for Teachers and Students

The new era of digital learning has made things difficult for everybody. But UTSA Blackboard Learn has made things easier for students and teachers and thus, holds an important place in UTSA’s faculties and students’ learning process.

It reduces all the paperwork and creates a straightforward communication system between the two parties. Moreover, it helps everyone by allowing them to study and teach from anywhere around the world.

Students can perform multiple tasks and check almost any information related to their courses and teachers can organize their courses and upload all the information and material little by little for the students.

Read below the features and benefits of UTSA Blackboard for further information.

Important Features of UTSA Blackboard

UTSA Blackboard is filled with new and updated features for students and teachers to enjoy studying and teaching respectively.

  • Course view: customize how you want your course to appear to all the students and yourself. Only teachers can adjust the course view.
  • Course Calendar: display a consolidated view of your course and create personal calendar events like assignments due date, test date, tasks or any other academic event.
  • Syllabus and other course content: a teacher can upload all the course content including the syllabus in one go or upload it week by week. Students will be able to access and download the material at their convenience.
  • Additional content or resources: teachers can provide students with extra material related to the course to help them.
  • Discussion and collaboration: the UTSA Blackboard provides you an option to do discussions in separate classes and even opt for Blackboard Collab.
  • Create assignments and tests: teachers can create quizzes, assignments, and tests for the students and ask them to submit them online without turning them in physically.
  • Grade tests and provides feedback: students can get to know their potential if their teacher would grade the tests and provide feedback and suggestions based on their performance in academics.

Benefits of UTSA Blackboard

  • Access the course content anytime anywhere
  • Easy file sharing and grading system
  • Access the library and bookstore online
  • No need for a physical meeting or class
  • Full academic support
  • Easily track the progress of students
  • The sophisticated and modern education system

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to create a course in Blackboard Learn?

First, create a plan and preview the content you will post. When ready:

Go to Admin Panel and in the “Courses” section click on Courses > Click on “Create Course” and New > enter all the course information asked > Submit.

  • What is UTSA famous for?

UTSA is known for offering academic programs in top fields and serving as a prosperity engine.

  • Where can I find the class Schedules?

If your teacher has uploaded a schedule, you can view it under programs.

  • What should I do if the course content does not open?

You must try to reload the content or log in again on the browser. You can also check for updates or notifications for the date availability because your teacher might have set conditions for discharge of the content. Otherwise, contact your teacher or the concerned Support center.

  • Will I be able to log in at UTSA Blackboard Learn through my smartphone?

Yes, you can easily connect to the Blackboard Learn via the app, available at all Play Stores, or through the web browser.


UTSA is a wonderful institution that has grown to be one of the top institutions in Texas. And opting for this spectacular learning management system has proved that it truly focuses on creating opportunities for students to study and develop.

In this article, we have tried to mention all the possible information available on Blackboard Learn and the step-by-step process to log on to it.

We hope that you now have a clear idea about this platform and how to access it. However, feel free to ask your queries in the comment section below!