– Minecraft Login & Error Fix

If you’re wondering what is all about, how to use it, and everything else you could do with this website, read this article till the end.

I will explain every bit of so that you can use it (if you want) properly.

I will also explain what is Minecraft Remove Connect and how to use “ : Minecraft Remote Connect” to connect with different people on the internet who have cross-play engines configured on their computer and play the games sitting in your room while communicating with them at the same time.

The Minecraft Remove Connect can be accessed to make use of this cross-play engine to play games on their Smartphone or Tablet with anyone living in any part of the world.

So stay tuned and read this guide completely.

What is

Minecraft is one of the most famous multiplayer games on the internet and it is available for almost all gaming devices around the world.

This website helps users to play Minecraft Games with their family members and friends from all over the world.

For example, if you are living in California and want to play Minecraft with your friend living in Newyork, you can do that with this website.

The website enables users to play Minecraft on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch without any problem.

Though you must have a Microsoft account to sign in on this portal in order to play Minecraft games with different people on the internet in case you are not using the Microsoft system.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create a new Microsoft account.

The Non-Microsoft device users, with their Microsoft account, linked, and since Microsoft has a Cross-Play facility available, they can connect & play Minecraft with different people on Xbox and Windows 10.

You need to link your Microsoft account with GamerTag in order to be ready to play Minecraft.

The GamerTag is kind of your online profile representing you in the Xbox community with an avatar, a brief intro about yourself, and Alia.

That’s how you’ll be identified in the Xbox community while playing Minecraft with other people.

Though, the Xbox users are forced to create Gamertag the very first time they sign in to their Xbox app.

To link your Microsoft account with Gamertag, you need to go to and enter the code you will get on your device or the tablet.

After entering the code, you’ll be asked for permission if you really want to proceed.

If you are ok, click “Yes“.

The Xbox users have not required any code.

How to Setup Minecraft Cross-Play on Playstation 4 / Nintendo Switch?

Don’t get confused, the process is very simple.

If you follow the instructions that I”ve given below, you’ll be able to set up Minecraft cross-play engine on Playstation 4 (or PS4) and Nintendo Switch.

The process is very simple. Here are the steps!

Step:1– Start the Minecraft game on your Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

Step:2– Click on Sign in.

Step:3– Click Link with Microsoft account.

Step:4– A small screen will pop up with an 8-digit code and website Take a note of this 8-digit code.

Step:5– Open on your browser. It will redirect to the below page.

Step:6– Enter the code you have taken note of in step-4 and hit “Next

Step:7– On the next page, it will ask for permission to access the details of the gaming console. Click “Yes

Step:8- It will take a few seconds to set things up and you’ll be able to play Minecraft on Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

How to Fix Microsoft error

There are many instances when people face various issues after they set things up on Playstation 4/ Nintendo Switch/ Xbox for Minecraft.

There could be issues with as well and I’ll share all the possible errors that one encounters and how could we fix them.

Here are some of the most common errors and fixes for them.

Why am I getting Microsoft error

There could be many reasons for getting Microsoft error but the most important ones that I’ve noticed are because of device change or improper setup of cross-play engine.

I have helped many people to fix the remove connect issue and in almost all the cases, it was due to cross-play engine or device change.

Here is how to fix this error.

How to Fix the https //aka ms/remoteconnect error.

Fix-1: Create a new Microsoft account

Sometimes, because of a change in the device, you may encounter this error.

For example, if your Microsoft account was linked on Xbox and now you are using Playstation 4, there is a high chance you see https //aka ms remoteconnect issue.

This error can be fixed by creating a new Microsoft account.

Fix-2: Microsoft Sign-in Code from Minecraft

This error is noticed on Playstation 4. Go to the Microsoft access code page. Open the Minecraft error code screen and note down the code.

Now go to another device, open the Microsoft page, and enter the code. You will be able to fix the error and log in to Microsoft and then eventually to the Minecraft store.

Fix-3: Delete Minecraft Corrupted Game Date

Sometimes deleting Minecraft corrupted game data fixes this problem. If you want to try this method, try this.

Go to Settings/ System Settings/ Storage/ Game storage. There you will notice that this folder has 2 Minecraft data files.

Select and delete both of these files, refresh the device and you’ll be able to fix issue.

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Is Safe?

Yes! is a 100% safe and secure website and you can use it without any doubt. This website is owned by Microsoft and you can trust the website.

This company uses this domain for shortening the URL. That is why when you go to the website, it redirects to

Where to Find Code?

When you load the game on your device, be it PlayStation 4 or Nintendo switch, and click “Sign in“, a small text box pops up that has this 8-digit code.

Where to Enter Code?

You need to enter the code on the Microsoft website >

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