BNSF Emulator Mainframe

The BNSF emulator is a piece of software designed for the people at Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

It is used for railway-related applications like the maintenance of tracks, handling rail shipments, and more.

The BNSF emulator is the best choice if you do not have the budget for a capture card.

In this article, we will learn about the BNSF emulator in detail including its various applications, different issues you might run into, and possible solutions.

BNSF Emulator Mainframe

First and foremost, this emulator uses Javascript and does not run on Android or iOS systems.

Therefore, if you are an Android or iOS user, you need an alternative.

As of right now, this emulator is only compatible with Windows or Mac.

We have provided the complete set of requirements for the BNSF emulator below.

Requirements for BNSF Emulator

  • You need a system with Windows or Mac OS.
  • It works only on Java Based Web Browsers.
  • For the best work, we recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or IE 6.
  • The latest version of Java Virtual Machine ought to be downloaded from Sun Microsystems.

To download the BNSF Mainframe emulator, you need to go to this address-( and then enter your BNSF login credentials.

Also, ensure that you are using the newest version of the browsers to avoid any potential issues.

BNSF Mainframe Emulator

Common Applications of the BNSF Emulator

The BNSF emulator has been designed keeping in mind the uses of the BNSF employees.

There are 4 major applications for the emulator.

BNSF Railway Events

The purpose of this application is to help the user keep track of any event.

You can also get fast access to information like maps, information related to hotels, details of attendees, daily schedules, and much more.

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Railpass has been designed to offer a better game experience for the drivers of BNSF.

Moreover, it also allows you to track shipments and maintain pickup schedules as well.

RF Emulator RP

The Red Prairie RF solution is used on Vehicles or on portable devices.

It is nothing more than a VT emulator which can be accessed through talent regulation.

BNSF Emulator App- MyUPR Mobile Application

You can track the status of all your Rail shipments via this application.

It is also possible to receive quick notifications via smartphone as well.

Common Issues with the BNSF Emulator and their Workarounds

Not everything is smooth with the BNSF emulator.

There are some issues that you will run into occasionally.

We have listed them below and offered various possible solutions as well.

Login Issues

One of the main reasons why users are unable to log in to the emulator is the firewall settings.

You need to check the firewall settings of your browser and ensure that you have not blocked the BNSF site.

Alternatively, we would also suggest opening the emulator from a different source as well.

Nothing Changes in the emulator

If you find no change in the emulator, then try updating the Windows or Mac OS to the latest version.

Restarting the system could also help in this situation.

If the issue is still not resolved, we would suggest emptying the disk cache and trying again.

Frozen Emulator

If the emulator is frozen, then we would recommend resetting the emulator.

You can find a button which lets you reinstall the software from scratch.

Invalid Token Error

If you have issues with the invalid token, we would recommend connecting with the BNSF security team.

No emulator display except the 3270 buttons

You need to maximize the BNSF Emulator 3270 buttons by right-clicking on them.

This will open up the full-screen mode.

Locating the PF Key buttons

You might not be able to view the pf buttons on some displays.

This might be because the display is unable to show all the data on the screen.

As a result, we would suggest decreasing the font size and trying again.

Obtaining login credentials for the BNSF Emulator

The password and user id will be provided by the supervisor.

In case you have forgotten them, you need to connect with the Mainframe Web people.

Connecting with the BNSF Emulator Support Team

By now, you have seen the various issues with the BNSF emulator.

So while using the assistance of the support team, you need to have this set of information with you.

  • Name of the user
  • Full Name
  • Internet Browser and the version.
  • Nature of the issue
  • Name of the ISP.
  • Mac or Windows
  • The exact time at which the BNSF emulator was used.
  • The error message.

Also, while contacting the support team, you need to make sure that your issue is genuine.

You will not receive help with regard to BNSF mainframe Emulator issues.

The toll-free number to contact BNSF is 1-800-893-4357.

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Printing on the BNSF Emulator

Yes, you read it right. You can print content on the BNSF emulator very easily.

  • Head to the file menu.
  • Tap on the print icon.
  • Now, do as per your requirements.

What if the print function does not work?

In case the print function is not working due to some mishappening, we would suggest taking a screenshot of the screen.

This can be done by using the Print Screen key.

After capturing the screenshot, send the picture to a photo editing software and print from there.

While this is a really good workaround, the background will be dark and it might not be the best for reading.

Also, you will be wasting a lot of ink as well.

BNSF Emulator for Android and iOS users

Long story short, the BNSF emulator is not available on Android or iOS.

If you see any BNSF emulator claiming to be compatible with these platforms, then it is probably fake or a virus.

Luckily, there are other alternatives for users and one amongst them is the VirtualPC.

However, the application is not free and you will have to pay a small fee to get it running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my sign-in details?

Normally, if you have forgotten your credentials, then you can reset your password. However, that is strictly forbidden in this case. You must get in touch with the mainframe web team and they will assist you.

Should I Save my settings?

The answer is Yes. If you don’t save your settings, you will lose the data.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this piece on BNSF emulators and what they do.

All information that an average user requires has been shared. 

Most of the common errors and their solutions have also been provided.

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