Unblocked Games 76: Play 100+ HTML Unblocked Games for Free

Who doesn’t love playing online games?

Do you remember the time when we would all sit in front of our computers, open a web browser and look for online games to pass our time in a fun way?

We can still do it if we know the right website for playing games. And guess what?

Today, we are here to give you a complete guide for an online free site with 30+ games to play.


We are talking about the popular Unblocked Games 76, which offers free games that you can play anytime.

If you want to know more about it, please keep reading because we have covered all its detail in this single article.

unblocked games 76

What is Unblocked Games 76?

Since we are talking about it, let us inform you that Unblocked Games 76 is a popular Google site.

It has been around the Internet for a long time and its offers over 2000 games that you can play on your browser.

Whether there are games blocked in your region or your institution’s network, and if it is available on Unblocked Games 76, you need not worry about anything.

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You will find several old games that were and are still popular.

Several versions are available for different games, making Unblocked Games 76 more fun and interesting.

The different categories of games available on this site are car games, driving games, two-player games, shooting games, IO unblocked games, and more.

How does the site work?

Unblocked Games 76 is easy to work around.

Your organization or country blocks particular websites and games to prevent people, especially children, from accessing offensive or inappropriate content.

Several institutions block specific sites and apps to maintain professional decorum in the workplace.

However, Unblocked Games 76 removes these restrictions.

It allows you to play any game with almost identical graphics and feels you would get while playing it on an app.

The site is easy to browse through, and there is an alphabetical list of all the games and a search bar through which you can directly look for a particular game without wasting time.

Why play Unblocked Games 76?

It is natural to wonder whether Unblocked Games 76 is the right choice for you.

Well, let us inform you of all the reasons why you should play games on Unblocked Games 76:

  • Games are free 

One of this Google site’s most essential and attractive features is that all the games available are free.

You do not have to purchase any feature; thus, anyone can enjoy these games easily.

  • No restrictions

There are no restrictions on any game available on Unblocked Games 76, which makes it even more impressive.

So, if you badly want to play a blocked or restricted game, search for it on this site, and if available, you can play it without any difficulty.

  • No prerequisites

With this site, you don’t have to worry about installing heavy applications on your device.

Thus, if you cannot play games because of low memory on your device, Unblocked Games 76 is a fantastic alternative for you to enjoy these games.

All you need is a web browser and good internet connectivity.

And even if you want to play games on someone else’s device, Unblocked Games 76 has got you covered!

  • Play games anywhere and anytime

Are you getting bored on your way to work? Or are you on a train journey?

Do not worry because you have 2000+ games right at your fingertips through your device.

You can play the games anytime and anywhere you want.

You can open your phone’s web browser and play your favorite game on Unblocked Games 76.

How to play games on Unblocked Games 76?

There couldn’t be a more straightforward way to play games.

You do not need to install any application or APK file.

If you have a smartphone or a computer that has internet connectivity, here are the steps you need to follow to play your favorite game on Unblocked Games 76:

Step 1: Go to any web browser on your device and search for google.com (You can skip going to google.com if you use Google Chrome).

Step 2: Search for Unblocked Games 76 by typing it in the search bar and hitting enter.

Step 3: Open the first Google Site link (https://sites.google.com/site/unblockedgame76/).

Step 4: Directly search for the game you want to play on this site using the search bar on the top or browse the website to find the perfect choice.

Note: if you do not know which game to play, check some of the top Unblocked Games 76 in the next section.

Step 5: Click on the game, and let it load entirely on your web browser.

Step 6: Read about the game through its description, understand its gameplay, and you are ready to play and enjoy it.

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Some of the Top Unblocked Games 76:

While there are over 2000 games available, and all are equally fun to play, here is a list of some top Unblocked Games 76 that you must try:

This game is for all shooting game lovers who love to fight with fighters from a special force and defeat them.

Resembling the popular battle royale game Fortnite, 1v1.lol is a third-person shooting and building game.

Your task is to eliminate all the players and be the last survivor.  


This addictive game with infinite runs of little aliens does not allow you to come off quickly.

Run 3

The little aliens must survive at any cost and rush through a strange architecture floating through space.

Can you help them avoid their sad fate of getting lost in space?

Popular and exciting like the Hill Climbing Race, Eggy Car comes with a little twist- you have to carry the egg in the car.

The game is more complex than it sounds.

Eggy Car

The well-known Subway Surfers game with different versions is also available on Unblocked Games 76.

It is a fantastic parking game with mind-blowing graphics and control.

You get the chance to drive modern cars around a beautiful beach road.

Parking Fury 3D: Beach City

This game is the chance for you to get the feel of Minecraft on your device.

It will move you to an island that only you can turn into a thriving city.

Minecraft Classic unblocked games

Well, as the name suggests, the leader of several powerful countries fight each other on a deserted island for world supremacy.

Each player is given a loaded rifle to eliminate the other animal species at war. You have to look for your rival and storm fire.  

It is an open-world game that assigns you the role of an officer. Race, catch criminals and bring law and order to your area.

Please note that this was just a list of some popular games on Unblocked Games 76; there are plenty of games that you can play and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Unblocked Games 76 similar to Unblocked Games 66?

Yes, both these sites are almost similar. You get to play several online games on your browser for free.

Q2. Do they offer educational games?

Yes, Unblocked Games 76 offers several categories of games, including educational games. You can play Word Crush, Math Magician, Math Mahjong, and more.

Q3. Are all the games free on Unblocked Games 76?

Yes, all the games available on this Google site are entirely free.

Q4. Do I need to install any file or application to play Unblocked Games 76?

No, you do not need to install anything as long as you have an updated web browser.

Q5. Is it secure and safe to play games on Unblocked Games 76?

Yes, Unblocked Games 76 is a safe and secure Google site. All the games are free of any malware. However, please ensure you do not click on any unnecessary ad displayed on it.

Q6. How to report a problem on this website?

A link on the left side of the website says “Request/Contact/Problem.” Click it, and it will display a Google form on your screen. You can fill it out and submit it for any request or problem.

Final Words:

Unblocked Games 76 is a fantastic Google site that allows you to play online games on your browser for free.

There are over 2000 games available on this site and the procedure to play them is very easy.

We have provided every important detail regarding this site in the article above. You can check it out and ask your queries in the comment below.

Also, let us know which is your favorite Unblocked Games 76.

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