How to Activate Twitch TV on Different Devices

The famous live TV streaming service, Twitch has been successful in attracting users from around the world. According to Wikipedia, as of February 2020, it had 15 million daily active users and 3 million broadcasters monthly.

Little do people know that Twitch TV was actually a gaming category for Justin. TV.

Because it grew so fast, the developers decided to spin off this category as Twitch TV and officially launched it in June 2011.

The platform interests such a large public because it offers them content including personal streams, game-related talk shows, music broadcasts, e-sports tournaments, and other creative content using video live streaming.

Video games were seen as solitary engagements for players but now, things have changed! People like to watch other players play games- something that nobody saw coming.

The broadcaster adds a commentary box to connect with the audience during the live stream.

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Users can find any genre of content that can be viewed live or a prerecorded version can be streamed.

And if the broadcaster archives the video forever, it can be viewed later on by anyone.

So, with so many features and more to come, you must utilize this Amazon-owned virtual platform to watch content for free.

And today, we will cover the important details of activating Twitch TV online on different devices.

Twitch TV

Interesting Features of Twitch TV

Simply Twitch, or Twitch TV, is not only for the sports fans out there but also for people who are looking to view original content live from anywhere.

You would have already heard about it because its vast user base and unique features. Thus, if you are a gamer and you have never tried Twitch, you are missing out on a lot!

On Twitch, you basically have the option to view live and recorded broadcasts on a wide variety of content covering, games, sports, music, travel, food, cooking, fitness, and talk shows.

Twitch offers players the ability to stream and let others watch their activity in real time. These live streams can last from one minute to 8 hours and beyond.

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You can always browse from various categories and find the perfect live stream for you. And if you find a streamer that interests you, you can always follow their channel and get regular updates and notifications.

While you are watching the live or prerecorded broadcast, a split-screen display allows you to see what the broadcaster is viewing on their monitor and at the same time, allows you to hear and see them on the edge of the stream.

The interface is user-friendly because the content is displayed in the middle of the screen and the live chat is displayed on the right-hand side.

Users can also purchase games through links via streams, from which the broadcasters receive sale commissions along with the opportunity to sell products that are associated with their live streams using links.

The exclusive emojis, Emotes, let you show your support for the streamer.

The twitch prime subscription option gives you access to additional games and exclusive in-game content with some bonus channel subscriptions each month without any additional cost, more broadcast storage, and other perks.

Additionally, this platform is compatible with various devices like iOS, Android, Windows, X box, PlayStation, and more. 

Create Twitch Account

Even though streaming content on Twitch is free, you first need to sign up or log in with your account.

The process is simple and can be performed on a computer or a mobile phone.

You can skip this step if you already have an account registered with Twitch.

create twitch account

If You are using a Mobile Phone:

  • Open the app store (Google Play Store or the App Store) and search for Twitch Mobile App.
  • Hit the download button, then install and launch the app on your phone.
  • You will see that the app starts and asks you to sign up. So, you must enter all the asked details and complete the sign-in process.
  • A 6-digit code will be sent to your phone number or email address (whichever you gave during the sign-up) to verify if it is really you.
  • Enter the code on the app and your account on Twitch will be created successfully.

Tap on “resend the code”, if you do not receive the code within 5 minutes.

If You are using a Computer/Laptop

  • On a computer, you have two options to choose from- either use the browser version of Twitch or download the app.
  • In either case, you need to go to the official Twitch website from your web browser- https://www.twitch.TV.
  • You can download the app setup for your respective computer (Windows or macOS) by going to twitch.TV/downloads or simply go to twitch.TV to enjoy the browser version.
  • After downloading and setting up the app, you must follow the same procedure followed on an android phone.
  • Enter all the details asked and verify your account on Twitch.
  • You will be successfully logged in and Twitch will be activated.

How to download & Activate Twitch TV on Different Devices

While downloading and installing Twitch app on any device is easy, the process is quite different.

Luckily, below is a compact guide for you to get started on different devices.

Whether you want to Activate Twitch TV on Playstation, Roku or Xbox, I’ve covered the steps for each of these devices below:

Steps to Activate Twitch TV on Playstation

Follow the given steps to activate Twitch TV on PS4 or PS3:

  • Go to the PlayStation Store on your device and then, search for Twitch TV.
  • Install and launch the app on your PlayStation.
  • Select Sign in.
  • Now if you do not have an account already, then follow the steps in the previous section and create an account on Twitch using your computer or smartphone.
  • On your smartphone or computer, go to twitch.TV/activate and make sure that you are logged in with your Twitch account.
  • Enter the code displayed on your Twitch TV app on your PS4 or PS3.
  • The Twitch app will be activated and you can enjoy streaming and broadcasting.

If the code is not displayed on your PlayStation, then try to restart the app or your PlayStation and ensure strong internet connectivity.

Twitch tv on playstation

Steps to Activate Twitch TV on Xbox

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate Twitch on your Xbox One or Xbox 360:

  • Go to the Xbox Store on your device and then, search for Twitch TV.
  • Install and launch the app on Xbox.
  • Select Sign-in or log in.
  • Now if you do not have an account already, then follow the steps mentioned above in this article and create an account on Twitch using your computer or smartphone.
  • Now, on your smartphone or computer, go to twitch.tv/activate and log in there with your registered Twitch account.
  • Enter the code displayed on your Twitch TV app on your Xbox.
  • The Twitch app will be activated and you can enjoy instant streaming on your console.

And if you face an issue in receiving the code, try restarting the app after some time.

Twitch tv on xbox

Steps to Activate Twitch TV on Roku

However, if you want to activate Twitch TV on your Roku device, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the Channel Store of your Roku device and search for the Twitch TV app.
  • Install the app and launch it on your device.
  • Select log in to activate the app.
  • Now, on your smartphone or computer, visit twitch.tv/activate and log in with your registered Twitch account.
  • Enter the code, displayed on your Roku device, on the screen.
  • You will see that the Twitch app on Roku is activated therefore, you can enjoy your online streaming time.
twitch tv on roku

Advantages of Streaming on Twitch TV | https://www.twitch.tv/activate benefits

  • Socialize with people from around the world: you can invite and join people from around the world to watch your favorite streams without any geographical boundaries.
  • Stream your favorite games anytime from anywhere: without any time-limitation or geographical boundaries, Twitch users can stream or watch live content anytime because all you need is a good internet connection.
  • Meet like-minded gamers: Twitch offers its users access to a community of gamers that shares their interests. You can follow channels of people that share content that you like to stream and get regular updates and notifications.
  • Connect with your audience easily: the most amazing part of Twitch TV is the ease of being able to connect with your audience. While you stream any content, you can enable your webcam and show yourself playing the game and talking whereas the audience can ask their questions or leave comments in the live chatbox.
  • Gaming Competitions and spectator sports: so, besides streaming gamers playing games, you can also stream game competitions and spectator sports.
  • Learn about their moves and tactics: when you watch someone playing a game live, you can easily learn their tactics and moves. This allows you to not only understand the gameplay but also the techniques of its pro players.
  • Watch the stream later on: the live or broadcast gets saved and can be viewed later on so, that you do not miss your favorite stream due to an emergency.
  • Show your support for the creator: you can buy emoticons or subscribe to your favorite streamer’s channel and show your immense support for their creativity and skills.

How To Fix Twitch TV 6-digit Activation Code not working Problem?

If you do not see the Twitch TV activation code on any of your gaming consoles or if you are facing problems like- the activation code not working, you can try the following fixes:

  1. Restart the app: you can close the app; wait for 10 minutes and then launch it again because it is possible that the app did not launch properly in the first go.
  2. Restart your device: You must give your device some time to process the new app installed. Thus, try restarting your entire device after a few minutes for the smooth running of the app.
  3. Change your HDMI cable: Using an older HDMI cable can cause trouble in displaying the code. Try to unplug it for a minute or two and then, plug it back in. If the issue persists, try changing the HDMI cable.
  4. Switch from dark mode: if you changed the TV resolution or switch to dark mode, it is possible the code hid in the dark colors. Therefore, you can try increasing the resolution and switching to light mode to view the code properly.


Twitch has taken over the streaming world by storm. The overall experience is praised by many and loved by all. Offering a wide range of content varying from topics like games to cooking and traveling, Twitch is the best option to enjoy online streaming and broadcasting.

And what is the best part? Twitch can be accessed on various devices! Although you must know the entire procedure of installing and activating it, you need not worry because we have presented you with a compact guide for the same.

So, follow all the steps and instructions carefully to enjoy streaming your favorite live videos!

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