Microsoft Account Settings at aka ms accountsettings

Does your child love to play online video games?

Are you worried if they can get access to inappropriate content on multi-player or other games? 

Well, did you know that, at least for Minecraft, you can manage your child’s Microsoft account by configuring some settings and creating a healthy and appropriate environment for your child to play?

If not, then this is the article for you!

The most important and asked query when it comes to Minecraft on Xbox or any other supported console is that users face issues with their child’s login and account settings.

And little do they know that aka.ms/accountsettings can help them instantly. 

If you have no idea about this link and want your child to log in and safely play Minecraft on Xbox or other devices, read this online guide made especially for you.

There are some basic things that you must know about playing Minecraft, and you will learn all of them in this article. 

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What is aka.ms/accountsettings?

You know how common it is for children to play multi-player games and end up getting teamed with an adult in a match.

The parents must know that there are restrictions and that it is safe for their children to play such games. 

Minecraft has made it easier for the parents! Because now they can set up and manage their child’s Xbox/ Microsoft account. 

If you have created a new account for your child to play on Xbox, you must have received a notification on Minecraft asking you to set up some essential things on your child’s account for them to play the game properly. 

And this notification comes with the aka.ms/accountsettings link to help you.

Aka.ms/accountsettings is the ultimate and detailed guide with all the information to create a safe environment for the children by managing their accounts yourself. Refer to other sections on how you can do so. 

About Minecraft: 

Developed by the Mojang Studios and published by the Xbox Game Studios and Mojang Studios together, Minecraft is the best-selling sandbox video game of all time. 

It was released in November 2011 and is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. It has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

It is primarily called for a 3D game that gives its players the option to choose how to play it. There are four basic game modes in Minecraft:

mine craft
  • Survival mode: The players have to collect some natural resources to craft certain items and blocks in this mode. The players have a health and hunger bar to represent the overall strength. 
  • Hardcore mode: this is a survival mode-locked to the most challenging level setting. It involves the permanent death of the player if the health bar replenishes. Once the player dies in this mode, he cannot interact further and can only spectate or delete it entirely. 
  • Creative mode: in this mode, players get access to almost all the resources and items required to create and build new things of any size, freely and without any disturbance. 
  • Adventure mode: Players can play user-crafted maps and adventures in this mode. It is similar to the survival mode, only with some restrictions willingly applied by the creator of the map or adventure. 
  • Spectator mode: this is the mode in which players can explore the world without directly interacting with it because they have died in that world. Players who enter this mode can switch to other players (who are not spectating but playing the game) for a different perspective.

According to an Xbox report, Minecraft was reported to have 140 million active users monthly, with over 238 M copies sold as of 2021. 

How to use aka.ms/accountsettings in Xbox?

Minecraft has served as an entertainment platform and as an educational environment to teach computer-aided design, chemistry, and computer science.

A wide variety of educational activities on this platform relate to subjects like language arts, history, and science. 

Hence, most of the fanbase of Minecraft includes children; thus, a lot of adjustments are made to ensure their privacy and security.

Parents can ensure that their children can access content based on their age group only and that they are not prone to interact with adults or get exposed to any mature content. 

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While most of these adjustments can be set up by configuring the settings of your children’s account, you do need a compact guide for the same. 

Parents can use aka.ms/accountsettings link to understand which settings should be configured and how to configure them. And in the next section, we brief this process for you!

Aka.ms/accountsettings Privacy settings: 

So, the questions in your mind can be: how can I manage the parental consent, manage the family settings, or manage the multi-player/realms access for my child’s Xbox account.

Do not worry because these are some pretty common queries for which we have a simple solution:

  • You can go to a web browser on any device and search for aka.ms/accountsettings in the search bar. 
  • It will direct you to the official page of Minecraft on how to manage family settings, parental consent, and multi-player access for a child. 
  • If you scroll down the page, you will find all the instructions and basic settings that you must change to manage your child’s account.

However, mentioned below are all the instructions for the privacy settings on aka.ms/accountsettings: 

Set Parental Controls:

  • Sign in to the Xbox console with the Parent’s account under whom the child’s account is. 
  • Now, you can press the Xbox button to open the guide. 
  • Go to the Settings by selecting Profile and system. 
  • Navigate to the account, click on Family settings, and click on Manage family members. 
  • Next, select Privacy and Online Safety, and further, select Xbox privacy. 
  • Click on the default settings of the child’s or teen’s account you want to edit. 
  • You can easily customize the settings of the child’s account by clicking on the View details and customize option. 

Users can even go to account.xbox.com/settings, log in with their account, find their child’s Gamertag on the top right, and then configure the settings as per their needs. 

For joining multi-player games, clubs, or realms:

It is possible that while customizing the above privacy settings for your child’s account, you mistakenly disabled the option that allows the child to join multi-player games, clubs, or realms.

Or did you disable these earlier, and now you are confident that your child can play in multiplayer mode?

Whatever be the case, here is how and which setting you must change to prevent this from happening:

  • Step-1: go to the website account.xbox.com/settings through any web browser.
  • Step-2: log in with the Parent’s Microsoft account.
  • Step-3: Click on the child’s Profile (Gamertag) whose settings you want to customize.
  • Step-4: From the top, select Xbox One/Windows 10 online tab and navigate the following options: join multi-player games, create and join clubs. 
  • Step-5: Click on the Allow circle in front of each of these settings. 

Pro tip: in step 4, select the Privacy tab and navigate to the “Others can” category and manage who can communicate with your child with voice, invites, or chat. 

And please remember that if you want your child to join realms in Minecraft, both permissions to join multi-player games and create/join clubs should be allowed. 

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How to fix aka.ms/accountsettings not working?

Due to changed privacy and safety settings for the Microsoft account, there may be issues with some games or services on which the same account is logged in. But this does not mean that aka.ms/accountsettings is not working. 

You would have to change the critical settings for these games or services.

The same applies to Minecraft. However, you can go through these troubleshooting methods that might help fix it if the settings do not:

  • Check if you have the latest version of Minecraft installed. Also, check if there is an important update for the app. 
  • Make sure that while playing Minecraft, you are connected to a strong and stable connection because it might be the culprit for the lack in the game. 
  • Ensure no external app or software is interfering with your Minecraft game because sometimes a third-party app or external software may conflict with the program. 
  • You can try restarting the realm or entire game and see if it works properly now. 
  • You can also try to connect an ethernet cable and see if the error is caused due to internet connection. 


  • How to create a Parental account or family group on Microsoft? 

Visit account.microsoft.com/family through a web browser and click on Create a family group. Now select the Add Someone box and select Create an account.

Now click on Create an account for the child and follow the instructions displayed on your screen. Once done, you can edit and manage your child’s account privacy and safety. 

  • How can I connect aka.ms/accountsettings and my Xbox account?

Open a web browser and type account.xbox.com. And if you were logged in with an account on your Xbox, the link will direct you to the settings of that account directly. 

  • How to change aka.ms/accountsettings? 

Go to the link by searching it on your web browser and then follow the instructions given on the screen to change the privacy and safety settings. 

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Final words:

So, do you want to configure your child’s Microsoft account privacy and safety settings? Read the article above and see how you can do so through aka.ms/accountsettings.