SnapChat Emojis Meanings: Know What They Tell!

If you’re new to Snapchat and don’t know what emojis or icons mean then this article will be helpful to you. When it comes to Snapchat the emojis and icons have a greater purpose than just conveying emotions.

The emoji beside usernames indicate the level of interaction you have had with another Snapchat user. It also shows what type of relationship you have with the said Snapchat user.

So without further wasting any more time let’s get on with it.

Emojis have become really important these days and we often cannot finish a sentence without inserting a few emoji or symbols.

Hence, it is important for us to know what each emoji means otherwise it would become difficult to have a normal conversation.

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Snapchat Emojis Meanings

Using emojis and icons helps to keep the conversation to the point as each emoji displays a particular emotion.

The best part about using emojis is that you don’t have to struggle to find the right words in a conversation.

If you are talking to someone but you are not really invested in the conversation then you can easily cut it short by sending an emoji.

Emoticons are affecting our lives in many ways and sometimes we don’t even realize how dependent we have become on emoticons.

Gold sparkles 

If this emoji appears beside a person’s username then it means that you and that person are in a group.

smiling-face-emojiSmiling face:

If you see this emoji beside a username then it means that you and this user are best friends and you both send snaps to each other frequently. But this user is not at the top of your best friend list.

baby_emoji-SnapchatThe baby face:

This emoji shows up beside a username when you and the user have just become friends.

smiling-face-with-sunglassesThe face with the sunglasses:

If one of your best friends is on Snapchat and they are best friends with another user then this emoji is displayed beside their username.

It also means that you and your best friend share a common friend and that common friend sends snaps frequently to your best friend just like you.

Gold-Star-EmojiGold Star:

If a user finds another user’s snaps interesting and has viewed their snaps multiple times in a single day then this emoji appears alongside their username.

smirking-faceSmirking face:

This emoji means that you are one of the best friends of a user but they aren’t yours. It also means that they send you snaps daily but you don’t send them any.

grimacing-faceThe Grimacing face:

It implies that you and another user share the same no.1 best friend and you both keep sending a lot of snaps to your said no.1 best friend.

SnapChat-Fire-EmojiThe fire emoji:

If you keep sending and receiving snaps from the same person on a daily basis then this emoji appears. It also means that you’re on a SnapStreak.

two-heartsPink heart:

It appears when you have been the no.1 best friend for two consecutive months with a Snapchat user. It signifies the growth in your relationship.

hundred-symbol-emojiThe 100 emoji:

It appears beside the fire emoji when you have sent and received snaps from a person for 100 days. It’s known as the 100 Days SnapStreak.

yellow-heart_emoji-SnapchatYellow heart:

This emoji means that you have sent snaps to a user and they have snapped back very frequently and you are also the no.1 best friend with this user.

hourglassThe Hourglass:

It signifies that your SnapStreak is coming to an end and if you don’t want that then you should keep on sending snaps.

birthday-cakeBirthday Cake:

As the name suggests, this emoji can be seen when a user has a birthday. But this will only be visible if the Birthday Party feature has been enabled.

red-heart-Emoji-SnapchatThe Red Heart:

When you are friends with someone for two consecutive weeks, this emoji will appear.

This is what each emoji signifies and now that you know about each emoji, let us discuss the icons.

You have the option of changing the emoji but this will only be visible to you alone.

The Icons and their significance

Generally, in other social media platforms, icons, and symbols are used casually and they often don’t have any profound meaning but in Snapchat, each and every icon has a purpose.

The Red Arrows:

The red arrow implies that you have sent a snap that does not contain an audio file.

The Hollow Red Arrows:

The Red arrow which is hollow indicates that the snap has been opened and doesn’t have an audio file.

The Purple Arrows:

This is the exact opposite of the red arrow. It implies that you have sent a snap containing audio.

friend opened snap with sound

The Hollow Purple Arrows:

The hollow red arrow and the hollow purple arrow show that your snap has been opened which contains the audio file.

Chat message sentBlue arrow:

The solid blue arrow appears when you send a chat.

friend opened chat message

Hollow Blue arrow:

If another user reads the chat then a hollow blue arrow will be displayed.

friend received cashHollow Green Arrow:

If you use SnapCash to send cash to a friend then this symbol will be displayed.

Gray Snapchat IconGray Arrow:

This is displayed when you send a snap to a person who has not responded to your friend request.

you received chat message

The blue chat icon:

The solid-colored icon means that you have received a message.

your chat message has been viewedThe hollow blue chat icon:

The hollow one indicates that the said chat has been read by you.

you received snap without soundThe red square icon:

If you receive a snap with audio then the solid red icon is displayed.

your snap without sound is viewedThe hollow red square icon:

When you view the said snap the hollow red icon is displayed.

Grey Snapchat Icon boxThe Gray Chat Icon:

It appears when a snap or chat is either pending or has expired. This also means that this snap is no longer available to you.

you recieved snap with soundThe Purple Snap Icon:

Like all the other icons, this one also has two variants. The solid one appears when you receive an audio snap and

your snap with sound is viewed

The hollow Purple Snap Icon:

The hollow one appears when you have seen the audio snap.

chat message is viewedThe Blue Screen Shot Icon:

As the name implies, it is displayed when a user takes screenshots of your chats.

Snap sent is viewed without soundThe Red Double Arrow Symbols:

If someone takes a screenshot of a snap that does not contain any audio then this symbol appears.

snap sent is viewed with soundThe Purple Arrow Icon:

It is just like the red double arrow symbol. The only difference is that this appears when a screenshot is taken of your audio snap.

span sent with sound is replayedThe Purple Replay Icon:

If a user has replayed your snap containing audio then this icon is displayed.

snap sent without sound is replayedThe Red Replay Icon:

When your normal snap is replayed by a person, this symbol appears.

Other Things you should know about Snapchat

Below are the other important things you should know about Snapchat.

In order to effectively use Snapchat, you must understand various features and settings options. Take a look

The Trophies

They are displayed on the profile screen. If you tap on this then you will be able to see all the trophies which you have unlocked on Snapchat.


It lets you access your stories. It is located in the right bottom corner of the screen. This will take you directly to the stories section.

The White Chat Box with blue solid ball

This is used when you want to go to your inbox. You just have to tap on this and you will be taken into your inbox.

It’s a relatively new update. This can be found on the left bottom corner of your screen.


If you want to go to your settings then just click on this icon. You can find this in the top corner of the profile screen.

Some people solely rely on emojis while having a conversation and while this might seem like a good thing, it actually isn’t.

Sure, sometimes inserting an emoji or an icon is necessary but using them all the time could have a negative effect on your communication skills.

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People these days are always busy with their phones and they rarely have a real conversation with a person.

This is why we are growing distant and we have developed this insatiable need for instant gratification and it is a little problematic.

Social media platforms are really useful if they are used for their intended purpose but they can have dire consequences if used in the wrong way.

Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat can help you reach a ton of people which will help you in many ways if they are used for their intended purpose.

You can spread your craft through these platforms and if it’s good then you will get recognition and fame.

This wasn’t possible before but now getting famous isn’t so hard.

So try and use these platforms wisely and try to use the emoji and icons when needed and don’t overuse them.

If you overuse them then emoticons will lose their value and they won’t be so important anymore and that could lead to some problems.

Snapchat will lose its charm and then you won’t feel like sharing snaps with anyone.

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