Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
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Windows 11 Release Date, Specs, and Features – All you need to know

Yes, the news is up and over three years of success for the Windows 10 has brought out a new venture in the world of OS. Well, just as it comes up today, the buzz has grown around the next released version of the Windows and it his time wit will be with the Windows 11.

Though it will indeed be a tough call for most of the people to bring up a new and relative version of the previous Windows, it is quite sensible that the updated versions will have many differences. Yes, just as the news spreads out the Windows fans are rapidly eager to know more about it.

There are already a lot of wish list flooding all over the internet, and here we might have just the perfect requirements for you to all that you need to know about Windows 11 Release Date, Specs, Feature.

Windows 11Windows 11 Release Date

According to the success, it was just over in July when the free upgrade to Windows 10 had initially ended. Since then, the fans have been eager on the internet to know which OS is just going to hit out.

Though there is nothing as official till now, leaks have emerged out the fact that the people will be looking to have something bigger now. Well, according to the sources Microsoft almost has 200 million people who are using the updated versions of the Windows 10, and this indeed makes up an inelastic demand for the upcoming Windows 11.

However, we have also heard that Microsoft will make up a big update in the next year of 2017 and the code name will be Redstone. As a matter of fact, the Release Date for the Windows 11 is expected to come out by 2018.

Windows 11 Features:

There might be many changes to happen within the Windows 11, and some of the features have drastically come out. Well, just have a look:

  1. Start Screen is likely to change:

Though there was a concept that the start screen for both the Windows 8 and 10 are exquisite, there are still some problems noticed for some devices. This time, this technical adjustment is going to be stiffly made, and as a result of it, it is widely going to be favorite of all.

  1. Desktop Sign in is expected to be Direct

One of the key things which we all look for is the direct login to the desktop. Well, according to the windows 8 and the windows 10, the login is based on the start menu from where you need to hit onto the desktop.

Probably this time, the Windows Manufacturers will rebuild the features to get the Windows 11 login to the desktop directly.

  1. Charms Bar features will initiate direct off

The charm bar option is probably the best that you can get for any device. Well, for every time, Windows 1o gets you top the home screen and then types you down for the turn on/off. This time, the small update with a charms bar will easily get the job done for you without any risk.