Picuki: Instagram Viewer & Editor- Everything you need to Know

If you are wondering what is Picuki: Instagram Viewer & Editor is, go through this post and I’ll explain every bit of this amazing tool that can help individuals and businesses in different ways.

PIcuki is a free tool to let you view Instagram profiles of different people and companies without having an Instagram account yourself.

You don’t need to create an account or sign in to your Instagram account in order to view anyone’s Instagram account, what all they have posted, what hashtags they used, comments, and everything else.

Picuki - Instagram viewer & editor

Using Picuki, you can view the Instagram content of any account, download their images/pictures, and videos, and do the basic editing tasks.

So while it comes in handy, there are lots of questions arising about its legality.

If you are wondering if Picuki is legal to use, I’d recommend going through the post completely, I’ll discuss everything including the legality aspect of this Instagram viewer & editor.

Keep reading.

Social Media is Today’s Necessity & Addiction

Social media has become the most popular way of interacting with people, sharing your thoughts and views about a certain topic, sharing your talent with a wider audience, growing your business, and gaining popularity as an individual.

While Instagram is widely popular, other apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc are quite popular social media apps as well.

In fact, it has become a basic necessity in today’s life.

You’ll find anyone in today’s life who is not active on social media websites, especially the young ones. ‘

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Not just individuals, but companies today can’t afford to stay away from Social Media channels as they are one of the biggest sources of promoting their business.

They spend thousands of dollars on creating content & posting on their special media handle, promoting their social media account, and gaining followers.

We can say, it has become impossible to live without social media. It has become an addiction.

So while social media apps like Instagram have become so popular, we can see a lot of tools to search for different profiles or apps like Instagram story creator, Instagram post downloader, and schedulers are being launched every day and Picuki is one of those Instagram viewer and editor which has gained huge popularity in a very quick time.

So let’s see what Picuki actually is & what all you can do using this Instagram viewer

Picuki: An Amazing Tool to Visit Instagram Profile without Having an Account for FREE

If you have ever tried to look at the profiles of someone but every time you try to check their post, it prompts you to log in to your account, then check out Picuki.

Picuki is an Instagram Viewer and editor as advertised by the maker that let you view the Instagram profile of anyone without login into your account. And, that too for FREE.

You’ll be able to view all the posts, videos, and everything else a person has shared on their Instagram account using Picuki if their profile’s privacy is set to public.

All you have to do is to enter the Instagram profile ID in the search box and I’ll populate all the results like pictures, and videos along with the message, hashtag, comments, likes, and everything else.

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The best part is, that this tool is totally FREE.

Not just that, you can check out the trending profiles as quite a few are displayed on the home page of the Picuki website.

You can also search profiles with the Instagram ID, Tags, or even location.

Isn’t it amazing?

What’s special about Picuki?

There are a lot of things special about Picuki’s Instagram viewer and editor. It is a great tool for individuals as well as for the company.

It has gained huge popularity recently in a very quick time because it is very easy to use and it is completely FREE.

As I said there are tons of special things about the Picuki app, here are the most important ones.

  • Picuki let you see the profile without having an Instagram account.
  • Picuki is a FREE tool.
  • Picuki let you search profiles using Instagram ID, Tags, or even location.
  • This handy tool is having a very simple user interface that everyone gets used to.
  • Picuki is a very fast tool that populates results in seconds.

How to view Instagram Profiles using Picuki

Like we said earlier, Picuki is a very simple tool with a very easy user interface that lets everyone use this website without much research or specific knowledge.

However, here are the quick steps to view Instagram profiles using Picuki!

Step:1– Go to Picuki’s official website on your computer or Smartphone.

Step:2– Enter the Instagram Profile ID/Tag/Location in the search box and hit the Search icon.

Step:3– The search results will have populated content from the Instagram profile.

Step:4– Go to the post and click the Download button to download the posts.

instagram view and editor

Explore Trending Content on Instagram using Picuki

If you are wondering what is trending on Instagram and do similar stuff to become popular, Picuki will help you do that.

When you visit their official website, you can view trending Instagram profiles and tags under the heading “Trending Instagram profiles and tags”.

There will be lots of trending profiles appearing on the home page and it gets updated every now and then based on the trend.

One can click on any of these profiles to check what they have currently shared.

Trending picuki

You can Download Instagram Photos & Videos using Picuki

The most important feature of Picuki is that you can view Instagram profiles without creating an Instagram account & download the pictures & videos with a single click.

There are tons of apps available on Google Play & Apple App Store that let you download images & videos from Instagram profiles of people but they aren’t as convenient as Picuki.

One can search for the profile and go to the images that they wish to download.

When the post is opened, one can look for the “Download” button at the bottom of the post to download the image/video.

Picuki is just an Instagram Search Engine

Most people wonder what is Picuki, is that an app or software or what?

Picuki is sort of an Instagram search engine that looks for a particular account when you search for an Instagram username.

It is the same as Google when that shows up results when you search for a particular term.

For example, if you want to see what Katty Petty has shared today on her Instagram account, you can simply go to the Picuki official website mentioned above, put in her Instagram username, and hit the “search” icon.

It will come up with all the posts that Katty has shared on her Instagram account.

Search Profile based on Location, Tags, or Instagram Username

There are three different ways you search Instagram accounts.

  • With Username
  • Tags
  • Location

If you don’t want to search for a particular profile but want to know who all are using a particular tag, type the Tag and it will populate all the account who has used those tags.

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One can do the same by location as well. Enter the location and you’ll know who all has mentioned that location.

And to look for a particular account, you can enter your Instagram username and hit the “Search” icon. It will populate all the posts from that particular account.

Search Instagram Stories

Instagram story downloader

Not just Picuki is an Instagram viewer & editor, you can search for Instagram stories as well. It is quite easy and gives instant results.

What you need to do is just enter the Instagram Username of which you want to search the stories.

After entering the Username, hit the “Search” icon and the results will pop up.

Is Picuki Legal?

That is the most important question that comes to mind.

While we are skeptical about it, we went through the Instagram help page, we learned that Instagram has explained what are Private & Public accounts.

According to Instagram if your profile is set to “Public”, anyone in the whole world can view your profile on or off Instagram even if the person doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Similarly, if your profile setting is made “Private”, only the followers you have approved can view your Instagram account including the photos you have shared, tags, location, etc.

So since Picuki does the same, ie. wouldn’t let you view an Instagram account when someone’s privacy setting is set to private, it looks ok. We can say, it is legal.

Wrapping up

Picuki, an Instagram viewer and editor allows you to view your Instagram account without having to log in to your Instagram account or even without having an Instagram at all.

The most important thing is, that Picuki is absolutely FREE. Not just you can view the profile but can download the photos, and videos and do the basic editing tasks.

Picuki allows you to search with Instagram usernames, Tags, or even locations.

It’s a kind of Instagram search engine that searches for different profiles when you make a search and populate the results that you’ve desired.

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Picuki also allows you to view and download Instagram stories.

While it is a great tool that could be very useful for individuals as well as for businesses, there is a very thin line in understanding, whether it’s legal or not.

However, if we check the Instagram help page, it is quite clear that this Instagram viewer and the editor don’t violate any policy.